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French neighbors knocked on the door this morning as I was heading upstairs. I shoulted, ‘Entrez!’ ;  the door opened to a dear woman who poked her head in, and her hand, with a very full bucket of freshly gathered walnuts, thumbsized, golden, still moist from the dew…not to mention all the French who are OUT in the streets gathering chestnuts which are falling madly from the trees, cracking open on impact…it MUST be Fall.

Grilling (maybe the last) sausages of summer ...

We’ve got a golden evening right now as Liam is filling the grill with charcoal for merguez saucisse — it’s a slightly reddish sausauge of mixed lamb and beef — not porc — it cooks much quicker than porc saucisse…very tasty stuff.

That and a pizza from Luigi who’s in Argouges with his traveling pizza van tonight  (avec wood fire), should do us fine.

As for our recent wonderful trip to Ireland, Ireland II,

that’s tomorrow.


Bon Appetit!