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In all honesty, I have to say Ireland keeps turning my head toward it.

One of the primary anchors for this has been the Walsh family in Tralee:)

We stayed with them only one night our first visit in to Ireland, but it was a family occasion; comfortable, relaxed and totally normal.

Have I publicly said thank you? Perhaps not. How about here.

Thank you, Elma and Fionnbar.  For your hospitality, gracious good giving, for the incredibly comfortable hotel in Killarney, the Travel Inn, and for all you do.

Elma and Fionnbar organized a family reunion of their clan Culloty, which we went to THIS trip in — AT the Travel Inn, in Killarney.

What a great, great town it is. And adjacent to — everything beautiful.

I was the outlaw:) But Moriartys were there, and I was chuffed to be present. The energy, the comraderie, the blood lines all showed up in a way that is unique to the experience Ireland holds as its heritage.

And I found that deeply moving.

It inspires me to set course to find the roots of my own Irish heritage — which none of my Costello family to date has done — so this is my statement of intent:)

I think beyond everything, beyond the captivating beauty of the ancient land, is  the open-hearted ‘what you see is what you get’ warmth of acceptance by the Irish — of people.

I love it there. I cherish the opening.

And I cannot WAIT to go back.