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It’s been a month. Busy, busy, busy.

Let’s see, the hearth is finished and warming our socks.

Liam restructured the west wall of the garage, given the slapping storms that pummel it in the winter, and used all old recycled chestnut planks we salvaged from its former selfdom to fortify it. So it’s now anchored and the roof will NOT blow off in gale force winds.

Dear Friend Roy came in from Orcas Island to lend his blood, sweat and tears to help — talk about a friend:) Thank you, Roy.

Liam’s grounding in his journalism here at the home office and turning stories out nearly every day.

I had back to back work, and finished here near Mont St Michel with a glory week of teaching the work that I deliver.

And we are heading into winter. The last two days have been crystalline sunny clear, blue skies and unseasonably warm. Today the cold grey color arrived avec the wind, and we are tucking in more and more each day.

Liam’s already counting the days til Solstice, the shortest day of the year, at which point he exhales and begins to look forward to Spring.

Personally, even though that’s true? I don’t hit looking forward until the end of February…so I’m busy counting blessings.

Here are some late autumn pix for you!

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