Been a while…looks like last post was the depths of winter, which we weathered well. New woodstove, five boîtes of wood, chestnut. We were warm and cozy. Spring came — slowly and quietly –and turned into summer which hasn’t really arrived, given the continual return of rain and cloud. Nonetheless, everything is blooming on time.

Now in the garden? Jasmine, passion flower, hydrangia, nasturtium, budlia, lilies, roses, geraniums, astilbe…That’s today.

Until now? It’s been busy, waiting.

We’ve put up our Etsy site, MyVideGrenier, for vintage treasures to bring into your home…

Cleared out the West Wing…travelled a few thousand miles.

Our current renovation project includes the west wing overlooking the garden avec velux, laboriously and meticulously done in three days, the vulnerable back roof (3,400 slates, 3,400 crochets…), sorting of our French taxes, and inbetween all those things? Another layer of life and living.

Too much information?


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