For eight years we have talked about the west wing; the first floor (second by US standards) den/recording studio/tranquil space that looks out over the garden and setting sun in the fields of Normandy…

This summer we had the roof done with the big window to have the view…then we laid the subfloor so we could access the space, and NOW we are busy getting the incredibly finely ground 200 year old mud plaster out of our teeth.

Liam spent the last two days busting BACK through the wall from the west wing into the house creating a door-through. Well, he didn’t ‘bust through’ — it took two days to dismantle, stone by stone,  avec very old mud plaster, the area of the wall that is now the doorway.

It changes everything!

We can walk into the west wing from inside the house.

The LIGHT that shines from the west, through the door, into the bedroom? All new!

Here’s the current state of affairs.

And it IS in quite a state — we’ve just opened up a very big can of worms…

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