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In France, all over the country, every village puts on their Vide Grenier in the summertime — their annual ’empty the attic’ flea market where you can find all kinds of treasures.

The streets are lined with fold-up tables spilling over with goods from knitting needles to clothes to collectibles, the MUSAK of Johnny Hollyday roars through loudspeakers, and the saucisse is on the grill by 8 am. BBQ smoke wafts through the streets full of locals dealing their wares, and hunger hits about 9.30. So we grab our galette saucisse avec dijon, and meander through the petite chemins of these old, stone towns taking it all in.

We go to the vides — and we find the off-the-beaten-track brocantes where tourists don’t go — to pick up the odd but to-be-cherished piece, to bring home (full house here…) or put  up on our etsy site.

If we like it, we figure you might too.

Take a peek.