I’ve not posted in a while, for a couple of reasons…one is it’s easy to briefly post on FB but it doesn’t hold the content, and two is I’ve begun a new blog for our incredible journey with the lightoffrancetours.com, and that does a similar bend to what this does.


But what I’ve realized, is this is personal; among family and friends, and FB just doesn’t cut it.

So I am going to re-start posting here, NOT link it to FB, but pull a line for FB friends who are truly friends, so they can have the clue, there is a new post!


It’s a beautiful HOT July evening here, the garden is in splendor, the sun is setting with a rose sky, the swallows are finally settling down for the night (they DO love the heat), and the windows are all open for the sweetness of this night’s air…

I’ll post tomorrow about goings on to share with our dearhearts here.

Sweet dreams,