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The Tour roars through here this week; Avranches is ALL decked out with flowers and flags and lines across every street, strung 20′ apart (that’s a lot of Tshirts blowing in the wind) with miniature replicas of the  jerseys — maillot — from the maillot jaune of the leader, to the maillots à pois, or red polka dot for king of the mountains — — to who is the  time trial leader — on it goes — each accomplishment their  jersey — with all of France  READY for the WHISH through each village and town.

The air is electric.

It’s fairly different watching the Tour in person — as it goes by in 10 seconds. So fast, en fait, that I didn’t get an actual PIX of it  — not quite quick enough! But oh boy Wednesday.

First the outrageously decked advertising cars and trucks roll by, DJs rockin’ and rollin’,  and then before you know it, a HUGE mass of metal, muscle and testosterone flies before you.


Media coverage gives you the best cohesive view — although the ‘hit’ of the Tour flying by? Is exhilarating.

Next, is our  much touted BBQ. Before and after shots, up through yesterday evening.

It’s done and fab. We’ve been using it every sunny night since before it was done!

The garden is finally, finallly, finally in florabunda.

It was a long winter, a very long cool and wet spring into summer, and though it is already July, the misery of waiting for the sun is quickly dissolving.   The jasmine on the back terrace is just beginning to flower, and will waft through the house, back to front for the next few weeks…the passion flower has a thousand buds all bursting, which I’ll post when in its fullness, and we hauled the ladder down the lane for this basket of a thousand cherries.

Life is a bowl full.