We are Arc en Ciel .. the Arc of Heaven … literal French translation for rainbow …

It was the rainbow that brought a YES to this house becoming our family home.

I have been asked about this over and over again …

I was here completely unrelated, before all this, taking a two month sabbatical in a tiny little village I found online.

In fact, my eldest daughter was traveling through the area after I booked the gite and before I arrived, so I asked her to go through Montanel and give me a heads-up, to which she said, ‘I don’t know mum…there’s only cows here…’ to which I said perfect.

After I arrived, I became friends with someone who suggested I look for property. Which was a ridiculous idea. But apart from watching the birds fly, cooking, reading, meditating, and everything else that keeps you busy a day in the life, why not go looking. After all, my own father used to take me house hunting when I was a little girl. So I loved the activity itself for what it was.

And in that time, near my 50th birthday, I actually FOUND a wonderful pile of stone. Rubble, actually, but the view to the Abbey was superb. And I was willing to bite.

But not before a talk with God/Goddess. OK, buying property is absurd here. I surely can’t buy it in the USA, WHY am I thinking about here? Give me a sign.

Off I go on my walk around the fields of Normandy.

Thunderstorms, lashing winds and rain, clear sky, rainbow.

I said oh, rainbow; that’s beautiful.

Sorry, though, I see rainbows all the time.

Went inside, cooked dinner, stewed over it all, got up the next day, said,

‘OKAY, give me a sign today.’

Off I go on my walk around the fields of Normandy;  more storms, more wind and rain, and another rainbow.

I said oh, rainbow; that’s the second one in two days.

I wish I could consider you are ‘my sign’ to buy property, but you’re just a rainbow.

Went inside, cooked dinner, stewed over it all, got up on the third day, said,

‘OKAY, today I hope I receive a sign’ whether to jump or refrain.

Off I go, out the door, on my walk, look over my right shoulder across the fields?

Double rainbow.


I get it.

When I came back in, I got out the dictionary and looked up the word, to discover it was Arc en Ciel.

At which point I made a statement to the universe, and said I will call it Arc en Ciel, the Arc of Heaven.

I bit. Put down an offer, invested, went back stateside to find the funds, lost the investment, and let it go.

Went back to Ashland, Oregon, and met my Liam.

Gotta trust the universe.

A year later, I flew into Paris given I had work, landed at my wonderful little hotel in the Left Bank, and there was a message at reception for me to call my friend. So I did.
Unbeknownst to me, he had continued looking, and heard about ‘this little house’.

He said, ‘Ani, I bought you a house,’ to which I said ‘Yeah, right. I’ll come visit you in a couple weeks, we can check it out then.’

I didn’t give it a second thought. When I got over to this area, I came to look at the house, walked in the door, and heard a song singing.

The rest is here!


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We are Arc en Ciel. It is our little postage stamp of life and living on Planet Earth.

These pictures here, are peripheral; the house at time of purchase, and now … carving out the compost at the back of the garden with Tom … the dirt garage ready for paving with Rony … Roy coming in to visit, and helping Liam with the garage west wall. Woof … Chris and Dave who gifted us the painting of how it looks now … family weaving in and out for Christmas (gotta change that to summer) …

Follow your dream … it takes you there.