‘Twas grand.

Living in Montanel, has given us a vast tapesty of life experience we would not ever have touched.

But now that home in France is completely anchored for us, our children and grandchildren, both Liam and I have shifted yet again; actually fulfilling the bigger picture of what we sought to create in the first place.

We always wanted ‘one foot on each continent’ but not realizing what we asked for, we got just that.

Liam is back in our beloved Pacific Northwest following his passion for radio journalism with great joy. And I have finally turned my focus back to the joys of my heart: home and family.

Since embarking on the Mayflower of our lives, the family has expanded! Grown! There are grandchildren to consider! Family dinners to cook! Doors to dust and open!

With one foot there, and the other  in the fields of Normandy,  I will be working with the groundbreaking launch of our boutique tours in France: for those with a similar penchant …

You can look there for that information.

In the meantime, we  will share our garden & home in  France with family and friends, in the summer.

As we can, we will continue to carve out precious times to share with you on/from both sides of the pond: our family & friends,  those we meet and greet along the way ~ we who love travel, the diversity of foreign cultures, the expanded global family, buying and renovating property abroad (once is enough) and last but not least, we who are lovers of France, look forward to meeting you here.

à bientôt!