About Us: The Moriartys

Hello ~ and Welcome to Our World:)

We are Liam and Ani, Irish Americans. We have spent the last nine years renovating our 250 year old stone house, including the last 2.5 years of living here full time.


‘Twas grand.

Living in Montanel, has given us a vast tapesty of life experience we would not ever have touched.

Montanel is a small village in Basse Normandie, France, literally a kilometer from the Brittany border, and in the neighborhood of Mont St Michel.

We often hear *you are AMERICAN?* and we smile and say *ah, oui…* because most English speaking foreigners here are British. In fact, it is common for the French to consider we are English, given we speak the same language — generally they do not differentiate the accents — but we quickly correct that one:)

Over three million people come every year to visit the Abbey ~ it is a huge gateway for visitors from all over the world and with good reason ~ it is sometimes called the 8th Wonder of the World.

The light is bright, the land is deeply nourishing, the culture is inviting and gracious.

We are honored to live here.

All Is Well will chronicle our days,  our nights, our journeys, our work, and whatever else comes in between.

Now that home in France is completely anchored, both Liam and Ani have shifted yet again; actually fulfilling the bigger picture of what was sought to create in the first place.

We always wanted ‘one foot on each continent’ but not realizing what we asked for, we got just that.

Liam is back in our beloved Pacific Northwest following his passion for radio journalism with great joy, Ani has turned her  focus to home and family.

Since embarking on the Mayflower of our lives, the family has grown! There are grandchildren to consider! Family dinners to cook! Doors to dust and open!

With one foot there, and the other  in the fields of Normandy,  she is also bringing forward lightoffrancetours.com, boutique tours for lovers of France. You can look there for that information.

As we can, we will continue to carve out the time to share with you, our family & friends, and those we meet and greet along the way ~ we who love travel, the diversity of foreign cultures, buying and renovating property abroad, and last but not least, we who are lovers of France.

à bientôt!


1 thought on “About Us: The Moriartys”

  1. I was wondering how you came to be in your lovely French house with your dear Liam : ) Thanks for letting us know!

    I hope all is well…..loving the new site.

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