Ireland Too


We’re partial to Dingle, as it is close to our hearts’ home.

But! We stayed in other wonderful towns, and enjoyed our visits to the south and west because of the accommodations we found — which means the people we met and their gracious good giving.

In Cork, where we first arrived, we had pre-arranged and booked at

The Gabriel House — and we were not sorry:)

A short walk down the hill to the center of it all, yet quiet and removed for rest.


We happen to have discovered that a friend of ours does private day walkabout tours of Cork, designed to fit your quirks and wants. From trad pubs to gardens, from the rich history to where to shop and best food available — he knows. Our day was golden because of him.

If interested, drop us a line and we’ll connect you.

Cork to Kinsale is about an hour’d drive — and what a lovely town…we were not going to stay over but loved it so, that we jumped into a rather Bohemian,  totally adequate b&b called Jo’s. Delicious morning baked goods, espressos, large pots of tea — all wafting up to your room to greet you when you rise:)

In Kenmare — well — Kenmare is the gateway town to the Ring of Kerry so it is FULL of hotels and b&bs. You can take your pick. There is GREAT ITALIAN food on the main road! And, trad pubs abound. They all post who is playing and what time, so you can set your clocks for food and drink — and music.

In Killarney, we LOVED the Travel Inn:)

Accommodations are very comfortable, in-house bar/bistro, great folks:)

AND, as usual, it  includes a  ridiculous over the top breakfast.


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