How We Got Here

We bought our little house here in the small village of Montanel in April 2004. Little did we know what that meant. Even now, more than seven years later, we’re still catching up.

It all began when, at the tail end of a work week in Chartres, a house more or less fell out of the sky into my/our lap.

I called Liam at work back in the States and said,”Babe, guess what? I bought a house today.”



It completely evolutionized our lives.

It had been quasi-in the works for a year, but that’s hindsight talking. If hindsight keeps talking, it actually started in 1995.

That’s when I ‘thought’ I was going to buy property in France for the first time, to open a light center ~ a center for alternative healing.

I had been colleaguing with a therapist out of San Francisco. That fell apart.

The second time was  years later, after constant return to beloved Chartres…

After the retreat, one of my clients wanted to take a trip with me to the Dordogne — which we shifted at the very last minute to Mont St Michel.

When she suggested it, I said, ‘Where’s that?’

It was a brief trip, actually. Two nights. One in St. Malo, thinking we were close (we were not). The next night we stayed in Ducey, a lovely town in the Baie of Mont St Michel about a 20 minute drive to the Abbey.

That could well have been the end of that but a year later, I decided to take a sebattical ~ and came back to this region. It had my attention.

I had not yet met Liam…but I did find *a tip* of a gite (a rural vacation house) in a little village off the beaten track, called Montanel.

I booked it online, sight unseen, for two months.

…Walked the fields, waited for rainbows.

They came.

…Met someone who wanted to take me out to look at property.

I laughed.

…Sure. What a foreign idea; me buying property in France.

Then on my 50th birthday I found a pile of stones in a nearby village named Sougeal, with an ancient standing stone lined up with the Abbey and the stars out the back yard, and decided to give it a try. There was magic afoot.

It’s funny how life goes because to buy this property? I had to return stateside to find the funds.

I put down a deposit, went back to California and stayed two months atop Muir Woods in a little cabin belonging to dearheart friends, talking to investors.

That fell apart too.

…I totally let go, went back to Oregon, and settled down.

Decided to volunteer at the local public radio station given they had given so much music to me over the years…it was time to give back.

Walked in the door?

And met Liam:)


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