Vierville sur Mer


Vierville sur Mer

As it has always looked.

Tall stone walls of sun-bleached creme

Bending with each turn in the road

Urging one on.


Point du Hoc

As it has always been.


The darkness

Rest assured of itself,

Left bereft of life, the living.

What that this force does with our humanity;

 Usurps the Soul

Morsel by brutal bleeding morsel

Until it breaks the spine of Spirit dwelling there.

Lets it swing from rafters

Dead to Mothers,


Children all.


St Mere Eglise

As it has always stood.

Today like any other

But for the thin veil

That breathes its fabric

Between the worlds

And gives rise

To not just the living memory

Of The Fallen

But to the Ineffable;

Ever present,

The unending sorrow

And blinding light.


Ten thousand of my sons came that day

Braced to die.

Just that day alone.


Fused by Spirit unbroken,

Could do nothing but press on.


They fought.

They died.


There is but one light in us all.

It shines

Eternal in this soil, the sea,

And in time immemorial

With we

As witness

That it will not ever happen again.

And yet it does. 


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