Loir et Cher

As I was just standing in the scullery, the ‘l’arrière-cuisine’ or back kitchen, peeling apples for compote, I decided I had better start with the latest adventure and work backwards, if I ever get back to the *before and after* phase of being here now full time.

Yesterday, we returned from a week long road trip, camping in the Loir et Cher. My first confusion was why the Loir didn’t have an *e* on it but I quickly discovered the river does, the Department does not. The lower region of the Loir (41) is where the two rivers, the Loire and Cher, run close side by side — whereupon the wonder of Chenonceau was then built over the centuries.

I’m going to make the *camping in France* part of this, a different adventure. So that’s on the back burner for now. We sat for a week, in a very nearly empty campsite this last week of August that spilled into the first few days of September. The weather was perfect; mostly sunny, a little rain, and dry. Great for gardening, and great for exploring.

During the days we’d decide *where to go* — and quickly discovered that if we had done nothing else, visiting Amboise and then Chenonceau in the same day could have been enough for the week. The historical wealth and beauty of this region is boggling.

We didn’t want to be the tourists trying to see everything all at once; we slowed it right down; had a few great dinners out that were surprisingly better than expected, drank wonderful Bordeaux sitting in the fields watching the evening mist rise out of the earth at sunset, slept with night birds calling high in the forest canopy, under a heaven of stars.


2 thoughts on “Loir et Cher”

  1. Have you hit up Rick Steves for one of his interview bits yet? Seems like a good fit!


  2. Have you see the castle of blois ?

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